Care Instructions & Application

 First measure lashes by holding up to closed eye lid, then gently trim off the extrea length that is not needed to get a perfect fit.

 Second, apply a thin line of glue to lash line and let the glue get tacky for 10-15 seconds.

Third, apply lashes as close to lash line as possible, for best results wait at least 30 seconds after setting lashes on lash line, for the glue to set in.

 Last, press lashes together with either tweezers or an eyelash curler and BOOM you're ready to slay ALL NIGHT and up to 25x more!!!!

Gently Remove Eyelashes By Band Do Not Pull On Mink Hairs (Moisten With Oil Free Makeup Remover If The Glue is Very Strong)

💕 Gently Remove Excess Glue From Band With Tweezers ( Be Careful With Mink Hairs)

💕 Gently Comb With Eyebrow Brush Or New Never Use Mascara Brush ( No MakeUp On it!)

Then Replace Lashes In Case So they Retain Their Shape