Our Story

Hey Babes,

Interested in how Ohh Babyy all began? Well it all started when I, Brittany got extremely fed up with paying for eyelashes that could only be used a few times before starting to look awful. I was fed up with their not being an affordable high quality mink eyelash brand. So I wanted to create a luxurious mink eyelash brand where every set of lashes comes with a 100% guarantee that with proper care and maintenance they can last up to 25x and still look just as luxurious as the first time they were worn so that’s exactly what I did. Ohh Babyy lashes are the most luxurious eyelashes on the market, and I’m not just saying that because I made them. The lashes speak for themselves, (lashes always speak louder than words). Ohh Babyy by Brittany are bringing affordable high quality mink eyelashes to the beauty industry for the working class girls. With free shipping for each order, it’s hard to beat the price for the quality you get. You definitely get more then what you pay for and that was my entire goal, setting goals and reaching them is something Ohh Babyy prides it’s self on. Ohh Babyy lashes were established in Portland, OR 2017

Friends don’t let friends wear dull lashes, order yours now <3